Saturday, 8 October 2011

Heroes or zeroes?

I really struggle with a culture that puts some on pedestals when it is obvious that they are just a little too flawed to be there. I watch our children (society's, not mine personally thankfully) emulate and idolise these 'heroes' and despair. How do we help them see things as they are rather than as the hype would have it?

In football we hear the Football Association speak out about the bad language and poor behaviour on the pitch, promising to 'get tough' and yet the reality is that we can be sure that watching some teams is sure to reveal torrents of foul language, and this needs to stop. Ironically we have a world cup going on at the moment and I would have little problem letting my children watch the games for there is little bad language evident and no dissent visible.

If only I could say the same about football (soccer for you ex-colonial types :•) ), but I can't can I? I have stopped watching England and have found myself increasingly struggling with the game at most levels and apparently I'm not alone.

So those of us who have a public voice need to encourage parents to address the issue with their children and perhaps also write to the FA and tell them that they are part of the problem that is damaging our kids.

Let's take these faux heroes off their pedestals and applaud those who contribute to our society, demonstrate what is good and make a difference.

Time to show our over-paid 'heroes' the red card!


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