Saturday, 13 April 2013

How odd - the people who hear God . . .

How odd, that those who most clearly hear God
Hear Him for you
And for others
And for church
(But never for themselves)

They can tell you where you're wrong
And when
And how
And why

They know what you have to do to be 'right'
Because they know what right is
Every time
All the time

The know all the put downs
The sneering comments
The dismissive assessments
The negative words
The words that wound
That stop you from volunteering
Or trying
Or being

But when you tell them that they're doing this
Or that
Or something else . . .

It plain to see that
You don't understand them
And you don't care at all
As you revel in your unChristlikeness

When you ask them to do what they've scared the others away from doing
You're pressurising them

When you point out their failings
You're being critical

When you give them an opportunity
You're the bad guy

When you treat them as they treat others
Then you


the 'Church'
(whoever or whatever that might be)

Is cruel



Not understanding


But when you
or others

They smile
and say
'Told you you were wrong!'

And that's why people don't come to church - they know we're like that!

And that's why people don't volunteer - they know they'll fail!

And that's why Jesus hangs

Still hangs

From a Cross

He just isn't good enough to do the job

Perhaps that what you came into the world to do - save Him!


Fil said...


catherine dorrell said...

wonder stuff vic sometimes simple words say so much more x

Tristus said...

Keith, our curate, did a very interesting sermon this morning around John 21. Looking at Peter and his denying of Jesus three times and subsequent restoration.

Keith suggested that had Peter NOT met the resurrected Jesus and received that opportunity to affirm his love for Jesus, that healing, cleansing and spiritual nourishment, his ministry would have still been possible, BUT it would have been a destructive faith spent trying to 'make it up to God', fear of disappointing God again, spiritual pessimism, depression and criticism. An uptight, law keeping kind of faith, overcompensating for his past failings.
Sounds familiar and I thought that was interesting having just read your blog post this morning.

Keith then went on to encourage us to meet with Jesus and allow him to turn things round, to heal us and make us whole, to surrender unconditionally to him, receiving radical nourishment and restoration.