Saturday, 20 April 2013

This Week - A retrospective

Well, here we are with another week gone and Sunday beckoning. I have been asked to give a brief review of the week that was for someone who wanted to consider various sorts of ministry (apparently we are an estate church!). So here goes:

Sunday: Couple of Common Worship communion services, Annual Church meeting
PM BCP Evensong.

Monday: Daily Office, Staff meeting, Drop-in session (free tea/coffee/cake and biscuits),
PM  funeral visit, administration, Kid's Club, paperwork, Men's meeting (yum!)

Tuesday: Daily Office, Church's Together meeting,
PM administration, home visits, Chaplaincy

Wednesday:  Daily Office, Missioner work
PM Missioner related (office), Funeral and interment, school visit, visits, Housegroup (new)

Thursday: Daily Office, Communion service, drop-in session (free tea/coffee/cake and biscuits),
PM Pastoral visit, School Assembly, paperwork, Missioner teaching session (an expert being anyone away from home!)
Friday: Daily Office, broken computer!!, funeral (Crem')
PM 3 hours off (Sarehole Mill), Kid's Club, office stuff,

Saturday: Daily Office, service planning, chaplaincy

And that's the week done and dusted and ready to go again.

Hope this helps!

A, very, brief look at my week (now you can see why I love this ministry lark!).


UKViewer said...

I'm interested in the Missioner training?

What does it consist of and who is running it?

Our last Vicar had the vision of my being trained as a Parish Missioner, but there is no training pathway available in my diocese?

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

One of the roles I perform is that of deanery (and other places) missioner and I was up front doing the stuff rather than learning about missioner things.

Think the missioner role is one that you get up and do, hopefully enjoined and supported by others, rather than get onto a training stream for.

Good starting place is to read 'Mission Action Planning' (Chew & Ireland) and get yourself up to speed on being able to advise on MAPs in your patch (not just the parish).

Another good book is Bob Jackson's 'Hope for the Church' - and anything that will help you develop an eye for the opportunities that exist in places. Then get out and offer to walk the patches around you with fresh (or at least different) eyes.