Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Homage to the Mrs Vicarages

Having written about the Vicaring role, I must pay homage to a most wonderful breed of people without whom, if I am typical of the dog-collar breed, life would be impossible. The Mrs. Vicarage.

Behind many a manic preacher (of the non-street kind) there is this wonderful woman who keeps the kids on the right road, keeps the house working, keeps the family together and ensures that messages are taken (although sometimes lost in the deepest depths of the brain for days afterwards) and people are informed, placated, advised and generally cared for.

Whilst I am having a whale of a time doing 'the stuff' behind me stands a woman who is doing more of the 'the stuff', usually the bits that I would have otherwise missed.

So I think I will have to declare this Sunday 'Mrs Vicarage Sunday' and will have to break my own rule and buy her some flowers and treat her well (the rule is about flowers, honest bishop!).

What about you people out there?

If you're a dog-collar, tell your spouse how much you love them and cherish them this Sunday.

If you're not, then cherish your ministers' spouse and thank them for all that they do for the cChurch and the person (supposedly) leading!

Mrs. Vicarage Day is coming soon (and we don't need to ask Harold C about that one, we can make it so!).



Jenni said...

Yayyyyy ! Will show this to the Rev!

Stuart said...

Love it. Nice one Vic...

Allie P said...

My sister's a Mrs Vicarage. I'll share this with her and her husband. Good'un, Vic!

Unknown said...

Timely, well put and right on the money. I may well echo your sentiments tomorrow if I may - for I am long overdue in this!

Thanks as ever

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

By all means - the more the Merrier (and they deserve it which is more to the point)


Unknown said...

Tis done! Thanks once again! D