Sunday, 18 December 2022

Compline (Night Prayer) - Sunday, 18 December 2022

The fourth Sun day in Advent and we reflect on the obedience and commitment of Mary. May this be our reality too Lord. Amen.

Friday, 16 December 2022

Compline (Night Prayer) - Friday, 16 December 2022

For the love of the Father, the sacrifice of the Son and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; we bring to a close this day and pray for the needs of the world. Amen.

Monday, 12 December 2022

Compline (Night Prayer) - Monday, 12 December 2022

As we go to our beds, we pray:

Restore us again, O God of hosts; show us the light of your countenance
and we shall be saved. Bless and keep us, this night and always. Amen.

Sunday, 11 December 2022

Compline (Night Prayer) - 11 December 2022

Gaudete Sunday is the 3rd Sunday in Advent.

Gaudete, gaudete! Christus est natus ex Maria virgine, gaudete!
Rejoice, rejoice! Christ is born of the Virgin Mary – Rejoice!

Friday, 9 December 2022

Compline (Night Prayer) - Friday, 9 December 2022

A day of endings, beginnings, forgiveness and blessings given and received.

Help us to be your people and to live your love O Lord as witnesses to Your truth. Amen.

Thursday, 8 December 2022

Compline (Night Prayer) - Thursday, 8 December 2022

From the simple obedience of Mary comes the wonderful reality of her as god bearer. May our 'yes' lead us in such wonders we pray. Amen.

Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Compline (Night Prayer) - Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Stir up your power, O God, and come among us.
Heal our wounds, calm our fears and give us peace;
through Jesus our Redeemer. Amen.

Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Compline (Night Prayer) - Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Nicholas - as simple act of kindness changes the lives of three young women.
Jesus, a simple act of obedient sacrifice changes the lives and reality of all creation.
Praise the Lord or what?