Monday, 19 January 2015

On dying

I found myself reminded of this scribble and thought it might be useful to share it at this time considering how many people I know and care about are struggling with death in all its forms:

You can forget me slipping gently away or,
assisted down the pathway to oblivion,
dying without a bloody good fight!

I'm not going to 'pass' because
at the end of it all,
death feels more like a bit of an epic fail to me!

So, if the rest of you don't mind
I'll leave this world the way I entered it -
well almost - I might not be naked!

But believe me when I say I will leave it kicking and screaming
and when I go people will be pleased to see the back of me;
grateful that at last they can have a bit of peace and quiet
as they try to fill the scratch marks my fingernails have left.

For as much as I don't fear death it is - like Bognor Regis - not a place I've ever wanted to go!
For as much as I want to spend eternity with Jesus
a few years more would look like nothing in the light of eternity.

So put aside your dona eis requiem moment for now
I'd rather have a doughnut and a nice cuppa
And celebrate the 'now' - for the 'then' will look after itself!
© 2015 Vic VDB


Martin Johnson said...

Thank you.

Jude said...

I hate that euphemism "pass" instead of died. My friend didn't pass. She died. Why not be completely clear about things? Why give the impression she overtook something, sat an exam, handed the salt across the table, skipped a question, etc? Its a fact of life ...that people die. I hope nobody ever says that of me when my body is finished with and my soul up and leaves. I will have died, not passed.

Martin Johnson said...

Excellent timing this one Vic as 60 minutes ago hospital phoned to say Dad was breathing his last and they wanted to be honest with me as I had been with them when I visited earlier tonight with Mum, i.e. no euphemisms