Wednesday, 18 February 2015

"You sulking?"

The answer to this is a resounding 'No' but I have been subjecting myself to a bit of spiritual discipline and rather than come back and use this place to reflect, inform and challenge those with whom I engage have been reading more (Bible) and taking more (God and those I'm engaged with) and seeking more (everything) and this means less typing over a brew when home.

But as it's Lent I'm going to be typing more - because Lent is not a time for giving things up but a time for taking more stuff on - and if that taking more on means the usual stuff needs to be dropped then so be it. In fact this why I reckon we give things up for Lent - to enable us to take on more (and different) things.

And if you're wondering what the above is about - it's an answer to someone who thought the word 'Lent' was meaningless - (I'll give him the fuller explanation shortly) ;-)

So watch this space (and get ready respond)

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