Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Estate Church? Don't miss out ...

...on an opportunity to meet with others who minister in this special area of ministry and not only mingle with others who share in this ministry but get some inspiration and become part of a most supportive, and able, network for the form of ministry.

The National Estate Churches Network (NECN), a group who exist to offer encouragement, prayer and support for those engaged in Estate Church ministry, are hosting two one-day conferences over the coming weeks. The theme:

Sense and Sensitivity: Taking Care with Estate Mission:

Whatever our style of mission, there's always a tendency to offer to others what we think the faith should look and feel like. But what if God wants to offer something different that suits each and every culture and subculture? 

So how do we mission with Sense and Sensitivity? 

How do we Take care with Estate Mission

How do we learn what God is already doing in the Housing Estates and get alongside him in it? 

The answer is simple: Come along to one of the venues on offer and take a look at the current trends and thinking with regard to mission and reflect upon how each approach might be undertaken sensitively, and insensitively, and discuss concerns and assess potential benefits as we share stories and reflect on places seeking to do it right. 

Both speakers and practitioners share their ideas, concerns and challenges to help those who come gain some fresh insight and lots of new ideas to try. 

This is a conference for lay people, not just ministers, from ALL denominations - it's not just limited, or of use to, those in estate churches - so why not get a few people together and use what has proved in the past to be an excellent day and fire up those with whom you work (and, of course, you too)!

The cost is kept as low as possibly - £20 (including lunch and hot drinks) - and to cut travel costs the same programme is offered in two locations - one north and one south (which is pretty joined up thinking I reckon).

So why not get some people together and come along and take the opportunity to meet old friends and make new? 

Don't miss the chance to find out how to be a housing estate Christian with pride and (without) prejudice!

                        click HERE to book a place at the London Conference

                            or HERE to book a place at the Leeds Conference

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