Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Holocaust: An amazing opportunity to learn

For those of you who read my blog, here's an offer you most certainly cannot afford to let pass you by as FUTURELEARN offers a two-part course on the subject of the holocaust; that awful blot on our modern history which saw some six-million die in the Nazi death camps.

Part one lasts for three weeks and is, in my book, essential study matter for everyone, but especially those engaged in education and for those who consider themselves to be 'Church', because many of the attitudes and thought structures we have today.

Where I find myself living (Tamworth) we have two distinct groups forming: One stating that refugees are not welcome in the town and the other opening their arms to those fleeing the awfulness that causes some to risk their lives to cross the Mediterranean to seek safety elsewhere.

This course is a provocative, and compelling, opportunity to examine our own attitudes and to learn - and it is in the learning that we remove the most fertile ground for bigotry and wrong actions; ignorance.

Please take the time to sign up for this course and help set the conditions for an more intelligent and informed world where you are.


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