Saturday, 11 July 2009

FCA - The Rev'd Lady who prayed!

At the launch of the FCA the Revd. Carrie Sandom prayed. I was asked how she could be a 'Rev' and be against women's ordination. Here's a brief explanation for those who are also concerned at apparent hypocrisy being present or generally confused (let me confuse you more!):

I know a number of women who have been ordained as deacons and considered this to be the place they are called to rather than follow the erroneous view that many have in assuming that deacon is merely the halfway stage to priest!

We call people who feel called to the diaconate 'Distinctive Deacons' and they generally are people who do not consider themselves called to Eucharistic ministry. They are both male and female and they perform a valuable and valid ministry within the church.

To find out more about this have a look at and find out about DACE (who are the Diaconal Association of the Church of England).

It is interesting that being opposed to women's ordination, the lovely Carrie being a Rev. appears to be engaged in that which she opposes, but not so! Those opposed to women's ordination (generally) are happy with deaconesses as the concern comes in with the presbyteral element and the Eucharist and it's validity in particular.

I too have an interesting situation as I straddle (happily for most of the time) FiF and New Wine. This means that I understand many of the positions and also means that I regard the priesthood as an ontological reality and understand the concerns over irregularities involving the Eucharist and with the consecration of women, ordination.

I'll explain if I can:

Many of my colleagues who are opposed to WO are concerned that if they attend a service of communion presided (priests don't celebrate - the people of God celebrate, the priest presides) at by a women their is doubt in their mind of the efficacy and rightness of that Eucharistic meal. Now, if they attend and yet refrain from communicating and there is validity in the ordination of women, they have by refraining from communicating refused the very presence of Christ Himself. If on the other hand they communicate and the ordination is invalid, they have eaten unto themselves condemnation and effectively mocked our Lord.

The same is true of those ordained by a women bishop. If it is invalid (consecration of women) theologically speaking, then those who have been ordained (male or female) are also not properly or rightly ordained and therefore the Eucharist and all matters involving an epiclesis (the invocation of the Holy Spirit) are invalid and therefore also irregular.

I hope I have adequately explained.


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