Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Left or Leaving Behind? - Part the Second

I was challenged by someone who used the words, " The message given to the Twelve is the same message given to us today, to spread the Good News."

Which of course it is and of course not only that but we are free to shake the dust when we come to a house to which we do not belong and find ourselves rejected too!

BUT, for those who have chosen to remain in the CofE (or even more finely focussed TEC) and still hold to Biblical truths and values we come, not as missionaries or people who just know what is right and true, but are members of that house and therefore engage with Paul's words in 1 Cor5.

To encourage people to leave and shake dust when the Bible commands us to remain and deal with those who are engaged in sinful acts, thinking and theology is surely to be found in error! By doing so we fall foul of the requirements of Ezekiel in that we fail to act as watchmen. In this we fail to engage in the entreaties of Galatians 6 and rather than seek to restore would choose to run and leave the sinful continuing in their sin and us taking responsibility for that state!

I am aware that the situation is that some have reported such that "TEC does not recognize the Christ as the only Saviour and the only way to the Father, so it is not a Church of Jesus Christ, which is where the write of this quote wishes to be."

And as the author of the pervious quote has chosen to leave, for he was not ejected, and in so doing has removed himself from the place and taken away the right to challenge and perhaps change that body from within. This is a sadness and something for which I feel a great sadness, but the reality is that they have remained and he has left and therefore should not be at all surprised to have no voice.

The bed is made and many now have the opportunity to lie upon it satisfied that they possess the higher moral ground outside of the church they claim to belong to still! The claims of "being Happy" make me happy for them meanwhile we remain and continue one person weaker in our struggle.

I hear the comment, "This is where I am, and the grass is so much greener and the air so much purer. I recommend that everyone try it."

But, not content with weakening the battle against error, some (who should perhaps know better) wish to see it become the only voice by leading faithful members away from making a stand and being in the place God has called them to sit by the pool and utter wrong speeches, imprecatory exageration and further weaken the faint-hearted and the fearful.

I have a Bible and a faith. I can deal with the sheep who behave as goats all day long - it's what we're called to!



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