Thursday, 4 September 2014

Golgotha: A place of trouble?

Am I the only one who finds Golgotha troublesome?
A place of loss rather than gain?
Do others find the cross of Christ a disturbing place to be?

After all,
those around me are flocking,
like tourists in a queue for a day trip coach,
To visit the cross and to bring back a gift.

Grace that sets them free and love that has no price
(that cancel the wrong and justify the guilty).
Love that loves the unloveable:
The free will offering of one for many,
For all,
By name,

And He,
Knowing what we are;
What we've done,
Who we've done,
How we've done,
How short we fell.
How highly we lied.

And then,
arms full,
unable to carry anything else,
claiming it all,
Pleading the blood,
As 'heirs of the promise';
However unpromising we might be.

We push and shove
to get back on the bus
that takes us home,
back to a place
where we live free
without thinking
without thanking
without repentance.

Laden with all we've gathered,
like manna in the wilderness.
We find ourselves passing a dust-covered bloke
carrying a cross going in the opposite direction.
Poor sod.

It's all free!


Anonymous said...

Cool and yet disturbing and unsettling.


Bob said...

Is it OK if I use it in class today?

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Bit late but thank you for the comments aof course you can use it :-)