Monday, 1 September 2014

Blue Sky Thinking - Almost Saved!

Now this is a totally accurate piece of thinking:

Yep - you're either in or out: The choice is yours and yours alone ;-)


Anonymous said...

"The choice is yours and yours alone"?

So those millions of people born in rural villages in isolated parts of the world are going to burn in hell?

Nice. This is why we all love christianity and all the other blood cults (i.e., all religion).

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

But the reality, I assume, is that you don't love Christianity and so you hope to merely use this as a vehicle for your own belief (or perhaps unbelief) structures.

Also have to say that the person who prompted this lives in the isolated rural part of the world called 'Manchester' and even if he didn't, it would have squat to do with bringing in hell and worldwide isolated parts of the world.

Still, made me smile and so a point for you in the 'that's entertainment' box



now back to do more work!!