Monday, 3 November 2014

Size matters

The Vicar up the road rang to say they had to go away,
a conference for 'Large Churches' - be gone for just four days.
So I smiled and said, "How nice, well done, have fun,' then made a cup of tea!

A few days passed and the 'phone it rang again, another Vicar ringing, it quite did in my brain.
They were off to a conference, this time by the sea,
for leaders of smaller churches they were called 'midi'!
Again I smiled and said, "Well done, it's well deserved I'm sure,"
then went and had a glass of Scotch,

then had a couple more!

Another call,
a conference for 'inbetweener' church,
it made me feel quite glum, quite knocked me off my perch!
I should have just been happy, but instead it make ill as they said, "We'll talk about how to make church bigger - Justin's going to be there too and we'll share an evening meal!'

Again I said, "Well done my friend you'll soon be at full throttle,"

then found the Regimental Port and downed the blessed bottle!

Today the 'phone it rang again, at last it was for me, an invite to a conference but it wasn't by the sea,
nor staying in a hotel or some other quite plush place, it wasn't going to take a week it didn't need much space. A day for churches that were 'small' put a smile upon my face
until I asked, "Where will it be?"
Back came the flaming answer:

 "Can we hold it at your place?'

1 comment:

Bob said...

Obviously heard about Mrs Vicar's culinary skills...

Having been involved in organising a few conferences over the years I can honestly say the conference dinner/lunch/tea is the most important thing.
Get that wrong and you'll never hear the end of it.
Make it too good and they'll want to come back next time.
Get it just right and everyone will be satisfied...