Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hallowe'en and Pumpkins in Church?

The first response to this from any of those I know would have been, 'No Way!' and yet, I'd like to perhaps persuade you to change your mind on this for a very good reason:

A project from World Vision, looking to raise money for children in some of 'the world's hardest places' has challenged me to change my own view on the outside bits of the pumpkin (I will have already eaten the contents in one of the other half's wonderful pies!) and encourage others to do likewise. 

But I will let them speak for themselves:


'This Halloween – and every night – millions of children face a night of fear. It isn't fun or exciting and it isn't a choice for one night. 31 October is simply another night of facing hardship, loneliness, abuse, hunger or conflict.

World Vision is in the world’s hardest places tonight and every night. Right now, we are comforting children as they wake from nightmares of abuse, helping girls and boys forced into marriage or hard labour and protecting children fleeing bombs and disasters.

By carving a heart in your pumpkin and texting HEART to 70060 to donate £5 you will be showing you care and help us to bring hope to even more children.'

Click on the 'World Vision' link and take a look - perhaps use the stories or the video in one of the services or meetings you do?  And of course, you can always make one for your own home - eat the pie, carve the pumpkin and send the money (the important bit in this scenario) :-)

But I still don't do light parties ;-)

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