Tuesday, 8 December 2015

CHRISTINGLE: It's that time of year again

Here we are again at the start of the Christingle season (500 glowsticks at the ready this end of the wire) and as is my custom, you will find a powerpoint version of the Christingle Orange to use HERE (This has been updated and is not the same as that found on this blog last year).

Being able to add a projected version of the orange is one of the best things I have taken the time to produce and it is something I use many times over the Advent run-in: No oranges found under the car seat months later (wondered what the smell was!) and no being spiked by cocktail sticks either. Bliss!

As ever, here are the start and end images:

Feel free to share this with anyone you know who needs such a graphic for their Christingle service this Advent and help to support the work of the Children's Society.


Here's a short clip to show the orange in use:

This movie just shows the movement
the real thing has a stages working

I have taken to using glowsticks (for which each year I am berated for not being traditional) BUT:

i. The lighted Christingle is taken from the church (or other building) the service is held in and arrives home still lit: The Christ Light has been successfully taken and delivered - don't get that with candles!

ii. Having had a woman lose her hair when her grandchild waved their lit Christingle near to the hairspray enriched thatch causing it to 'flash' and disappear in a cloud of awfully smelly smoke, I find this to be a much safer bet thank you very much, and

iii. There's no wax to remove (so no moaning from the wardens and other helpers) and there are no burns or singed clothing or claims to the Ecclesiastical Insurance to be made once the fire brigade and ambulance have left!

But whichever you chose - may you have a blessed run in to Christmas.


Following a few requests I have added a simple Christingle service powerpoint file to the folder. You can find it and the component slides (and, perhaps oddly, all the funeral hymns too!) here

Just added an infant's Christingle service outline which you will also find  here

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