Thursday, 7 January 2016

Some days we just don't always words so well!

And there is probably no better example than this shop sign for the RSPCA's charity shop in the town of Bury:

Perhaps 'Helping Bury's Animals might have been a little more acceptable?

The problem is that we all do it, give the wrong meaning emerging from the right words.

A colleague, speaking on the joys of working in a school chaplaincy told an assembled conference audience about his ministry and, "... the joy he had had over the many years in being able to touch so many young people!" Now we all know what they meant by those words but there is a degree of discomfort found in them when it comes to safeguarding!

I love the various clever puns and malapropisms that some shopkeepers take up as their shop name, after all,  'Eating Nemo' and the 'Cod Father' always make for a smile.

One of those which makes me laugh is this:

Which I just want to be real because it's something that makes me smile.

Many years ago, a member of a church executive visited a monthly women's mission group to speak about the good work being done by the society in East Africa. Taking that stage he greeted the assembled gathering with the words, "Well I can see from your faces it's that time of the month again! Let's talk about missions!'

Apparently the look on their faces wasn't warm and welcoming - and his colleagues never let him forget it! Seems we all do it at some time, don't we?

Any good shop names or experiences

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