Thursday, 18 February 2016

40Acts 2016 - Day Eight: ' Dirty Cash '

‘Money is the root of all evil’ – isn’t it?
Actually, no. It’s in the love of money that evil finds a root.

If financial giving has become a taboo subject for you, face it head on today. Give financially. Whether you've got pennies or millions, there is great joy and freedom in thoughtful and intentional giving.

You might be a regular giver or never have given before: use today as a way to explore your capacity for financial generosity.

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. 
Some people, eager for money, 
have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. 
(I Timothy 6:10 NIV)

‘Are you a Christian? How can you do this and wear a cross on your lapel?’

‘This’ was me giving a talk to some medical staff about their financial planning some years ago. I was wearing a suit with a small gold cross tastefully pinned to my lapel. My questioner was a newly qualified Christian doctor for whom (by the turning up of her nose) money was as inevitable yet as distasteful as emptying bedpans.

Interestingly, the Bible in general and Jesus in particular have a lot to say about money – without the upturned nose. The book is full of wisdom about saving, investment, insurance, debt, budgeting and, of course, generosity.

The overwhelming message of scripture is God’s grace to an undeserving creation. And the consistent application of that grace for us as we handle money is in generosity.

In fact, it is not the cash that is dirty; it is our love of cash. We are the recipients of so much grace and generosity from the Father, the least we can do is live generous lives for others. But when our love of money overcomes our generosity we can become resistant to God’s grace. The love of money may be the root of all evil but generosity with money grows good fruit in our lives.

As we learn generosity and how to handle money as recipients of grace, we make better and better decisions about finances in all areas of life. Money is not dirty cash – something that we separate out from our faith. Following Jesus affects everything, including how we spend, invest, borrow and give.

So I turned to the doctor and tried to explain how there was no conflict for me in wearing a cross and talking about money. In the words of John Mumford, founder of Vineyard Churches in the UK, I described life as a Christian as being less like a grapefruit and more like a milkshake. Faith and money should not be tasted in separate segments but all whisked up together!

Today's blog was written by David Flower, Leeds Vineyard / Flowers McEwan Ltd.
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