Monday, 22 February 2016

40Acts - Day 11 ' L.O.V.E. '

Love means a lot of different things to different people. It might look like hanging up the bathroom towels after you use them, instead of leaving them on the floor. It might look like a special surprise. It might look like a day spent in someone's company. It might just be a pat on the back and a smile. But each of us is built to give and receive love. It's a basic need. So give it to someone today.

God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son. 
(John 3:16 NCV)

Without oxygen and food and water, we can't survive. But there’s something else. Something just as crucial to our survival.

In one orphanage, it was discovered the babies were not thriving. And, even though they were being fed properly, some were dying. Researchers finally uncovered the reason. These babies were not being held or touched. They were not being loved.
Without love a baby will not survive. And neither will we.

Love, like oxygen, is vital.

We use the word LOVE about all kinds of things – we love our spouse. Or a kitten. Or a holiday by the sea. Or a film. Or a cup of tea. Or a chocolate biscuit.

We use the word lightly. What is love? Hasn’t it got it to be more than that…?

It’s why I wrote this entry in my devotional:

What is love? Is it a feeling in your heart?

The Bible says Love is much more: it is patient and kind, never bears a grudge, doesn’t demand its own way, always wants the best for someone else, never puts itself first, never gets jealous, isn’t proud, doesn’t boast, isn’t rude, always hopes, never stops.

Oh dear, that’s quite a list. Who can love like that?

Only one.

He left his father and his throne and came to live with us. And showed us what love was really like.

Because, you see, Love isn’t mostly a list. It’s a Person.

May the One whose name is Love,
The One who made us from love, to love,
May he fill our hearts
And our souls
And our minds today.
And may we be open doors
Through which He may love the world.

Today's blog was written by Sally Lloyd-Jones.
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