Sunday, 22 May 2016

The United Kingdom and the EU - Lunatics and Asylums

It seems to me that I, as someone called pastor and uphold truth, have a duty to get involved with the issue of the EU and our nation's continued membership - something I have struggled to avoid if I am being honest.

The reason for this decision is based upon the number of engagements and the high degree of xenophobic, jingoistic and irrational attitudes contained in them; fortunately none of them have been from to date, so here's the beginning of a few blog entries to remedy that.

But before we start to try and develop some sane, balanced and (for me, most importantly( biblically balanced dialogue with the issues, let us consider some of the reasons I have heard thus far with regard to leaving the EU:

1. We would be safer with regard to terrorism,
2. We wouldn't have to obey European Law,
3. We wouldn't have all 'those' foreigners coming here and getting benefits,
4. We would control our borders and stop people we didn't want entering the country,
5. We wouldn't have all 'those' foreigners coming here and taking our jobs,
6. We would be better off as an Independent nation - we are Britain and the US and Commonwealth
    would stand by us,
7. We would be able to trade more freely,
8. We could spend the money we spend on being a member of the EU on schools and the NHS,
9. We could decide what is right without  'Europe' telling us what to do because of human rights,
10. We wouldn't have to worry about the curve on a banana (really!) or what to put on boxes,
11. We would keep our sovereignty and our monarch 
12. We could still drive on the left.

1. Better the devil you know,
2. It was called a common market for nothing - new trade agreements would take time and cost us
    money and lose us jobs,
3. Having a seat at the negotiating table is better than being a small 'has been' piddling island,
4. Being part of the European community AIDS trade, security and peaceful existence,
5. Leaving Europe would not change the authority of the European Court and the laws it passes or the
    verdicts they pass down.
6. If Nigel Farrage, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Zac Goldsmith and Ian Duncan Smith want us to
    leave then that's probably a good reason to stay in,
7. The obvious hypocrisy between the Scottish referendum's 'Better together'  campaign and the
     'Better alone' EU position needs no discussion - just the call to remain is enough,
8. No tariff trading and open access to Europe, the UK's biggest market says it all,
9. What membership of Europe costs is less than 10% of what we pay on the NHS - that's good value
    for money,
10. Sovereignty and our own right to rule is upheld and supported by being a member of the EU,
11. Two choices: small offshore island or major world influence - staying supports the latter.
12. Leaving might stop some from working in this country but would see our nationals hampered
      likewise should they wish to work in Europe.

So there we have it - so much misinformation out there, so many people playing on what is nothing less than the racist and xenophobic tendencies of many and few asking the 'What Would Jesus Have Us Do?' Question.

Watch this space - be prepared to bring positions, information and facts and balance.



Dee Gee said...

Always inspirational to see a map of the UK that ignores its correct boundary shape and constituents in favour of a Little-England-within-GB viewpoint.

Akin to the go-to-church or stay-at-home argument? Either way we are still European/Christian but stay-at-home minimises contact with an institution that is not as helpful as it might be. But reduces our ability to change the institution for the better.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Yeah - never going to be a cartographer - but hopefully it gets the message across.

Mind you the welsh might be aggrieved to have been lumped in :-)

Happy daze!