Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The privileges of ministry

It's just after one in the morning and the day has come to a close - and as Wednesday makes its appearance I have to say that I can't express the joy and gratitude I have in my heart for an amazing week thus far.

Sunday rocked - an early communion with a bunch of faithful people saw us celebrate 'Christ the King'

The a change of venue and the amazing privilege of baptising someone and being part of the beginnings of their journey into the Christian faith (doing the START course with them being a joy indeed) and breaking bread with another wonderfully diverse bunch of people.

On to another service elsewhere before gathering in the town centre to do three performances of a  'Living Nativity' as part of the town's Christmas lights being switched on. The rain fell but the people stopped and in the midst of so much secular, Jesus was given space to remind people who the Christmas thing is all about - priceless opportunity or what?

And then another church and the final Communion of the day. 

Monday saw what must be one of the most joyful and complete funeral services I think I have conducted and to find yourself in a Crematorium with a bunch of happy, smiling people, in that setting, as final farewells are made and the word 'celebration' is made real in the light of the realised hope that is Jesus. That's something you cannot fail to smile at  and praise the God with whom I work for!

Today saw one of the most enjoyable, and energetic, school assemblies I have done for ages and as the buzz from that still echoed in my being I found the mood change and had the privilege of standing with one who has been bereaved and looked with them to the love of God and the hope that is made real in Jesus.

And as for today? Bed beckons and tomorrow (now today) will be another day of challenge, meeting new people, taking Communion into care homes and the homes of those who can no longer leave their own four walls, and much more besides I'm sure. There will be divine appointments and the opportunity to minister God's love made real in Jesus, the Christ, and His amazing sacrifice for us.

Ministry: A privilege and a joy - more than a job, it's a gift to those who do it and (I pray), a blessing to those on the receiving end of it.

Hallelujah or what?

Goodnight Lord, and thanks for an amazing day!


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Amen to your post.

I have had the privilege to serve in my parish now in Lay Minister (under training) for over two years. This has borne much fruit in my own life and I have enjoyed being in this place with lovely people, supportive clergy and a cohort who are training alongside me, who are all from different church backgrounds, but all serve the one God in their own contexts.

Now we're dispersed, but maintain contact, both through prayer and social means, to meet up on the 3rd year modules selected to direct our future ministry. We are to be licensed in May 2017, and we are looking to celebrate that event together with our families - it will be a great day.

Being in ministry, following a call is a vocation for all of us - we need more hands to the wheel, so prayer for that is the priority at the moment. But cohorts after us number in their twenties - signs of hope of renewal in the life of the church.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Thank you all for the comments. - felt about twitchy about posting my 'close of play'reflections But praying recently I realised that I've stopped using this as my personal scratchpad made public and so have returned to the blog as I extended it to be.

How much better can it get to return on a high note?

Praying for the final push and into tea and medals in 2017 Ernie