Monday, 8 March 2010

I've been thinking, and . . .

Have come up with a groundbreaking and revolutionary theological idea regarding people feeling that the Church doesn't accept them because of what they do. Following on from Jim Jones' revival (post Guyana) thinking I can see that perhaps he's onto to something and I was just a little too hasty!

How's about we decide that there is absolutely nothing that separates us from the love of God, a move which will please the reformation types as they just love Pauline stuff. This means that we embrace the reality that nowhere we've been, nothing we've seen, nothing we've done, do or will do can separate us from the love of God. This way we can welcome everyone to the altar rail to receive  communion (unless of course they've not be confirmed, we do have to maintain standards).

Not only that but let's all agree that if Jesus died for everyone then this means that everyone gets in unless of course they support BNP, are mysoginists or support Spurs (sorry +Pete). This way we can stop wasting all that money on evangelism and reaching other faiths, which causes so much discussion, and just concentrate all being saved regardless of faith position or behaviour.

Moving on, people being 'happy' should obviously be the main criteria for the existence of God or the Church. After all, if people aren't happy they won't come in to church and now that we've realised that they're already saved there's no need for the Church to go outside either. We have established a happy and extremely cost-effective status quo in that they don't bother us, we don't bother then and in return we bless whatever it is that makes everyone happy.

I can see this working.

Man comes up to dog-collar, coughs, looks at shoes and says, "Err, sorry Vicar, haven't been to church for some time now and . . " Vicar smiles broadly and, interrupting, says, "No need to my brother, you're already in. Not only that but what you do is blessed and sanctified by the Church. Go out into the world and make other like you and when they do like you get them to do what you do. In this way you will fulfil all that God commands and we won't need church buildings anymore!" Man looks happy and is obviously blessed (so there's the proof of the pudding) and God is so pleased I think I can discern tears in His eyes too!

I can see this working you know - I think I've finally got it all sorted. Where do I collect my Nobel prizes?

Anyone fancy turning the lights out for me - the man from the carpet warehouse isn't due to visit with the estate agent until next week?


The Underground Pewster said...

I can see this working too. It has been working its disasterous way through the church for quite some time now. The consequences are that souls are lost to a Jonesian end.

Andrew said...

vic, surely the ones we oughtn't to be accepting to the communion rail are those who HAVE been confirmed?!