Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Footprints or Stonecatcher?

Many years ago Me and Mrs. Vicarage found ourselves sitting in a service where a young lady earnestly walked up to the lectern and read the words of the massively familiar 'Footprints'. With serious tone the account of being carried through the tough times was communicated to us and at the end, looking up, the reader said a loud 'Amen'. Shaken, as it looked like the poor love thought it was from the Bible, I could only give thanks that she hadn't ended with, "This is the Word of the Lord," as I would have to have said, "Is it?".

Later I struggled with the 'Prayer of Jabez', a mantra designed to make sure that God gives us what we want and so, refreshingly, the image below has no Bible verse attached; No Scriptural story paraphrased, just a précis of Who, What and How Jesus functions in our life is we would but let Him:

I hope I can remember to Thank God for the brickbats that haven't reached me because Jesus stands between me and them - being justified comes at a price that I have never paid but gratefully depend upon.