Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Is It a White Hole?

One of the most bewildering things is to come back to the Vicar's palace only to find that the telephone's message system is totally full of messages that have not only been deleted but are many weeks old. Stranger still is the fact that they all appear as 'new' (not stored) messages. Stranger still is a letter that has dropped through the letter box which invites me to a meeting three years ago (cancellation mark on the stamp says it was posted on Friday)!

To add to the situation I've just had a knock on the door which I have responded to (of course) only to find that I have a recorded delivery for someone who lived here some six years hence!

I have checked to make sure that there's no blue Police telephone box anywhere in sight (sadly not) and so can only assume that I'm in the vicinity of a 'white hole'.


Perhaps this will explain:

Happy Tuesday

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Revsimmy said...

So what is it?

Hope Holly comes up with an answer for you soon :))