Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tamworth - An offer you can't refuse

For a few years now I have wondered how best we can serve the people of our town and one exceptionally valuable (and effective) way we can do this appears to be by getting out on the ground and getting involved with those who come into our town to enjoy a social life in the evenings.

And before anyone gets on their soap box - It's not one of those 'Christians Only' (or even just a 'certain type of Christian') things - there are no monopolies and there's nothing about the ghetto here for all are welcome to help in what will be a collaborative effort between volunteers and other agencies (including the police and other statutory bodies).

So - if you are an adult (18 or over) living in, or around, Tamworth and would like to help listen, support and provide care for those coming into the town to enjoy its great social life then now's your opportunity. Training is given and all we will be asking is that you commit to a minimum of one night a month, usually from 10pm to around 2am.

The role is varied and a typical evening might see you handing out water (or chocolate), talking to angry, confused or disorientated people; perhaps you'll be arranging a taxi (or a lift from someone at home), taking shopping trolleys back to somewhere safe so they don't end up going through a window or used as a weapon when tempers flare (and they do from time to time). Sometimes it's giving out space blankets or tea, coffee or another hot drink and other times it's something you've never thought of before.

Whatever the problem, we're on the streets to make the evening run smoothly and to keep the incidents and incidence of hurting people to a minimum.

And if you don't live in Tamworth?

Why not take a look at:

And find out what there is going on in your community (and if there's nothing - start something)

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