Sunday, 16 February 2014

Same Sex Marriage and plenty of Jerks to be found

Most of them a combination of the knee and/or mindset variety!

Yes I know what those two überpointyhats, Justin and John, said at synod and I know that the house of purple have agreed that this is to be their view and so I have a few suggestions:

1. Would those who are screaming that this is all thrown in the bin and the bishops are opposed by all means necessary (especially with the threat of law*) to make the church conform to the wishes of 'everyone'please pack it in now.

2. Would those who are celebrating 'a great victory' please remember that behind the words and actions are people who feel that their church might just be making decisions that act against that which they feel is right.

3. Would those who claim they are behaving in an acceptable manner because that's what 'they' would have done if it had gone 'their way'*** seek only to display the paucity of their own Christian understanding - for 'get them before they get you' or 'treat them the way they'd have treated you' are both unacceptable approaches.

4. Let's see how ubi caritas can be more than a catchy song tile and get down to embracing those with whom we might differ (and no Colin, I don't think there's a danger some of them will like it!).

I am frustrated that this is all (apparently) about rights and the call to responsibilities (personal and corporate), submission and living out the teaching of the Church as living examples are all passing some by. We behave more and more like some secular (un)Friendly Society than a bunch of people who are called to unity, love and witness. Where's the prayer? The Compassion? The act of being a paraclete?

So in a nutshell:


And pray for this man

* Think I've found something in the Bible about taking people to law - says: 'don't'
** Here 'everyone' is taken as meaning 'me and those who think like me'
***This isn't about having gone one way or the other as I understand it, merely the most unusual step of unequivocal 

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