Saturday, 29 March 2014

BT - making compromised accounts a daily nightmare

BT have blessed me (in the most negative of senses) with their email provision of late and it's amazing progress in making my service so secure to the extent that whenever I try to log in it tells me that I can't because of 'unusual' activity! Assuming my account has been compromised I find that I am forced to change my email password and then - within minutes find myself being told this too is compromised.

I get one download and then 'Bingo!' we're back into the whole load of cobblers again

And Again


What a complete load of rubbish this new 'improved' BT MAIL is.

I wonder, am I alone in this nightmare scenario?


Lynne said...

Yes Vic.
Exactly same, even getting e mails sent to others in my name within minutes of password change. You are not alone. Lol

Ian said...

It may mean that one of your contacts has picked up some malware rather than your account having been compromised.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Might well be the case - but I have a critical email account switched off within five minutes of password being changed and all BT can do is tell me they've locked it because their system thinks I've been compromised - and I have:

By BT!