Thursday, 20 March 2014

One of those ILAMFT moments

In case you're wondering, ILAMFT is a modification of something that those of us who suffer from aviation-related illnesses (Gliding, Powered Flight, Microlights, etc.) engage in whilst sitting on a bar stool in the clubhouse and it takes it's name from a 'must read' column in 'Flying' Magazine.

The column's name is 'I Learned About Flying From That' - ILAFFT
and having, once again, made a basic error in my ministerial dealings and deliberations I thought that a, 'I Learned About Ministry From That' (ILAMFT) entry from time to time (like whenever I make such a mistake or hear of one that merits mention occurs - which means it's due to become a regular column!) would make sense.

Yesterday I met with someone who put forward a scenario and asked my opinion and, being me, of course I gave it - and explained the reasons for it. It then transpired that this issue had been raised before and the outcome with the other person had been different to that with me. The problem is that then you find yourself in a situation where you're perhaps damned if you do and worse off if you don't (for there is a clear pastoral imperative supporting doing the blessed thing).

I broke one of the golden rules of ministry - that which states that we should always ensure we have adequate time, proper focus and all (or as many as possible) facts before us.

I dropped the ball and whilst convinced that the outcome is proper and well-placed pastorally - the potential for division exists.

Guess that's where grace, prayer and understanding come in.

But would have been easier without it!

Always ensure that adequate time, proper focus and all (or as many as possible) facts are ours before we act - and ensure you dialogue whenever and wherever possible. It's rare that the situation can't wait!


Anonymous said...

You're problem is that whenever I see you at the moment you're always rushing from one job to another and that's a recipé for such things that you write about.

In all my dealings with you touching and bring comfort has been the hallmark and you shouldn't beat yourself up over it and neither should others.

Slow down a bit, the work will still be there tomorrow.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Just seen this and have to say 'Thank You' for the kind words and make the observation that whilst not beating myself up, I am aware that I dropped the ball (regardless of reason) and thought it made a good started for ILAMFT topics.

We all get it wrong from time to time, that doesn't excuse or make it less wrong though.

Thanks again for the sentiments expressed.


Anonymous said...

A wise CPN once told me, no crisis develops in less than 24 hours. Things might seem urgent, but there is time to stop and consider... and when we get it wrong, we fall back on His grace, for he is faithful to forgive, and so should we be to one another.

Stay real, say honest. Integrity has always been your hallmark. Those who can't see that are perhaps blinded by the plank in their own eye ;)

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Oooh, a wise CPN, now there are times when I reckon I could use on of those :-)

Mind you, I tell those on one of the courses I teach that in the majority, if not all, of the 'emergency' situations there's nothing (other than them feeling something's being done) that can be done once the sun goes down.

The problem is that it is often easier to teach time management than employ it yourself (and I did used to teach it) and there are days when the time, that most able of all snake charmers, can work its magic on us.

Thanks for the comments tough - noted and hopeful re-learned.