Friday, 17 October 2014

Locked in a bookshop - Foyles respond!

Texan tourist, David Willis, found himself locked inside a Waterstones bookshop for two hours after it closed while he was still browsing the shelves. Now although this is one of my dream situations, Mr Willis wasn't perhaps as keen to remain and so, having tweeted regarding his predicament:

"Hi Waterstones, I've been locked inside of your Trafalgar Square bookstore for two hours now. Please let me out."

It worked and he was finally released from the shop after a couple of hours.

Foyles (another place of pilgrimage for me since the late sixties) showed they have a sense of humour with the tweet:

"Don't worry @Waterstones - we had one too. #happenstothebestofus"

And this great image:

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