Monday, 24 January 2011

Inordinariate mumblings . . . goes fourth

According to the RC bishop of Brentwood there are seven Anglican priests and about three hundred of the (un)faithful bums on pews (bops) who are currently having swimming lessons.

Now the three fatherless Essex fathers who are identified as being in Benfleet, Hockley and Chelmsford (not too hard to guess who then) are currently getting things ready for the trip in secret. (Well not anymore because of course we know those who lives in those three places and have a copy of the Missal, don't we?).

Those poor fatherless fathers living in East London will fare a little better as they can remain hidden and continue to take their stipends up until the last minute (and live in their CofE provided homes too!) which to me smacks of duplicity and a healthy dose of hypocrisy too! If they want to go then they should have the hutzpah to make their stand and go. Of course if they had any integrity and really wanted to be RC there are already means by which they can become 'real Catholics' rather than become Catholics of the ersatz sort that the inferiordinate presents).

I still find it funny that people are claiming that the swim is over anything but women bishops, gay clergy, same-sex blessings and the erosion of a traditional Anglo-catholic faith. Amongst those who go will be homosexuals (some of whom are in relationship with people of the same mond and sex! After all the go because of ecclesiology and not personal sin. The former being women's ordination and the latter being the homosexual issue.

I still find it sad that the ordinary Fr Newton speaks of ecumenical gestures and of sharing in the ministry and yet in doing so denies the reality of the lines that are being drawn and the rancour, vitriol and bile that those going (or more often, those posing as one who might be going) are bringing to this.

Bennie is going to get his pre-Vatican II stalewarts to bolster the slippage that Rome (and the Magic Circle that is the UK and Ireland) fears and will draw the faithful to its doors. Of course there has to be an infidelity to get them there!!

I also wonder how some will fare when they have to either get a 'proper job' (a quote, not my words!) or rely upon the good offices of the RC church? As I understand it, it is a 'fund yourselves' affair and this will prove tough for some. Apparently there are some who have offered money to support the new creation, reckon they are going to need it.

And as the CofE needs its money to fund parishes and continue its good work, perhaps those who are going (or have left) would like to stop taking money from a body to whom they no longer have any allegiance and thus prevent us from building the kingdom. After all, that's what Fr Newton says is the first care of those who are going - so prove it (please)!

Pax et Paxo (apply as is fitting)


UKViewer said...

Father Newton continues to live in his Bishops official residence, kindly provided by the Church Commissionaire until the end of March, meanwhile, the Catholic Church scratches around to find a pad suitable for a pseudo bishop (Oops Ordinary).

Given that RC Parish Priests are mainly funded through their collection plate - I wonder how long they will actually survive with grants and donations.

It's pretty sad that Parishes in Essex might go, I have family in Hockley and I must ask them what they think of this sign of betrayal - knowing them, they will just shrug their shoulders and say "good luck to them, perhaps now we can get on with life". Which seems to me something we in the CofE should also do.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Indeedy - I am assuming that the church in question is Pete & Paul's and if so that will be Jeffrey Woolnough who is taking the swimming lessons.

The other from that neck of the woods will most likely be St Mary's in Benfleet as that's the only other FiF/Richborough parish I can think of. If so, that's Lee Bennett who's in the pool with Jeffrey!

I agree that it is wrong (and possibly illegal/potentially finacially wrong as a charity) for the CofE to allow Newton to remain in his former CofE home. They have an obligation to get the most money they can from their investments and properties and if they can charge top rates for retired clergy I see no reason Newton should find himself exempt!

As you rightly say, 'there's little to see here' and we need to move on and 'get on with life' our business of being Church!

Fr Jeff Woolnough said...

When you ASSUME you make an ASS of U&ME!

As a 'Minister' please have the decency to get your facts right before you publish them on your opinionated blog. You don't know the half of it.

The Revd Fr Jeff Woolnough
Vicar of Hockley

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Sorry Fr Jeff if my assumptions were wrong and you're not ordinariate bound (with or without your congregation).

As you say, it is a simple thing to assume and look, by doing so, assiinine

It would be most excellent to think you were remaining to maintain the catholicity that keeps the C of E reformed and catholic. Perhaps you could return and confirm this happy position?

Thank you for your response, always welcome, and for helping me understand that +Brentwood wasn't speaking of you and yours.


Vic Van Den Bergh said...

As a postscript

Seems I was not alone with my assumptions

Obviously an easy mistake to make!


My apogies (enjoyed the Echo piece),


Swimming Coach said...

The original statement by the bishop ( Rt Rev Thomas McMahon) was remarked upon in the Brentwood News.

In the article the bishop's comments are spoken of as 'premature' and so it would seem the assumption might not be yours alone, and the premature indicates it is perhaps not assumption but poor timing, or injudicious speaking, on the part of the bishop.

I sense your frustration and Fr Woulnough's angst and pray for you both.


Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Gosh SC,

Think we are in same wavelength (the age of miracles indeed!) and thank you for the correction. I read news and wrote Echo, Obviouly something subliminal going on there with regard to newspapers.

There is angst on my part. There's frustration, sadness, grief,and a deal of pain, especially at the hands of some who are posturing about leaving and making mischief when it's obvious they will still be present as C of E priest when the dust settles.

Thanks for correction and your prayers,


Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Just been woken by message and realised how impressed I am by your speedy response - can you monitor blogs and comments or were you merely trolling and found thiis?

Swimming Coach said...

Pure coincidence - was first hit on Google.
Paranoia or merely impressed?

Vic Van Den Bergh said...


You mean they're not out to get me?



Vic Van Den Bergh said...

I was hoping Fr J was going to come back with some facts, but perhaps not. So I will merely publish this, which helped me to 'ASS U & ME' (really, that's a bit !!@%@! isn't it?):

"Seven priests and congregations in Chelmsford diocese (East London and Essex) have gone over to the Roman ordinariate this week. These include someone who was my best friend and my next door neighbour for two years from college - Fr. Jeff Woolnough SSC. Actually I genuinely DO have a soft spot for Jeff. God loves you mate but I still hope the enterprise fails (while hopefully leaving you and your family intact)....."

I can only assume that your ire is the result of having being put in the spotlight whilst engaging in conversation with others.

Still as one 'priest' to another I wish you well and do hope that you'll be staying.