Saturday, 14 May 2011

My naked pics!

This morning, checking the emails I came a cross one (supposedly) from one of my colleagues in the Parish, with the heading 'My naked pics'. Fearful and full of trepidation I continued reading.

Had my neighbouring finally flung aside the last vestiges of rational existence, along with his clothing, and decided to return the Garden of Eden? Had he decided that he'd found the way forward in terms of gaining early retirement and somewhere on the South Coast there were deckchair and blanket awaiting him? Would I, if continuing to scroll down, be turned to a pillar of salt like Lot's wife?

Well actually, I'll never know because there was a message from my service provider telling me that whatever the image was (if it were an image at all) I'd never see it as it had been deleted by their antivirus cleaner!


Just goes to show that there is a God, either way!!

Happy Saturday people - off to a diocesan bunfight (as if Saturday didn't have enough stuff of its own!)


ps. If you receive a mail with the heading 'My Naked Pic' - delete it, for it contains the 'Downloader' virus.

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