Saturday, 21 April 2012

Where do you buy your petrol?

Yesterday morning, in a rush to go and do things I found the slow puncture on the Vicarmobile meant that it needed some more puff and so, as I was passing, I popped into my local BP outlet.

Now, these days I tend not to use BP unless I have to as the fuel is consistently higher priced than the ASDA and Sainsbury's varieties and they charge for the use of their air line. But needs sometimes force us to do that which otherwise we might not! Having driven in I placed the 50p into the tyre-pufferupper and the compressor springs into life. I apply the thing to the errant tyre only to find that the valve on it is broken and rather than inflate the tyre has rendered the situation worse than when I started.

I walk over to the shop and tell them that the thing is kaput and the bus that I was taking my daughter to catch passes and the day has just become a little more challenging!

What ticks me off is that the explanation for charging when it began was that it stopped the kids breaking the thing. Well it transpired that the air line had been broken for a couple of days and this was the norm, for it was often out of order! Looks like yet another way to charge and after yesterday I reckon it will now be an extremely desperate situation that sees me using BP as customer service, facilities and cost all leave it very far down the queue.

Whatever happened to looking after the customer?

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