Friday, 1 February 2013

What really makes it Church!

I asked some of my colleagues what it was in church that made them laugh or cry. Here's what I think might be the top ten responses (but feel free to comment and add your own):

1. People who tell you that they, "Won't keep you a moment,' with the result that you're still trying to get away fifteen minutes later!

2. Those wonderful folk who stop you in the street and engage you - usually leaving you with the words, 'Oh I wish I could have your faith!'

3. People who don't like to talk about other folk, but  . . . really do enjoy talking about other folk.

4. People who clamour to be in charge of things and offer to help and yet are never to be found when you really need them.

5. People who want you to put their minds at rest when what they need is for them to stop being rested and start being active!

6. People who will tell you that they've 'tried it before and it doesn't work,' and in so doing condemn it to not working again!

7. The person who almost always comes to the service with a tenner and puts it on the plate and then moves the coins around to get some change from it!

8. Those who almost get the words right when they stand up and make a speech to the church council or the assembled church - the best example was the warden who explained to a bishop how the church had struggled during the interrectum!

9. The cost-conscious person in the congregation who always goes and turns off the central heating at just the right time to make your toes cold five minutes before the service end.

And for me the star has to be

10. The person who rings up on your day off because, and they tell you this, 'They know it's a day when they will catch you at home!!!'

So there they are in no particular order - perhaps you know these people (or are one of them) or have another that you'd like to add. If so, feel free.

Happy February - He is risen and the pancakes are on their way ;-)


Tristus said...

No. 7, so funny.

Anonymous said...

The family and friends who invite you over for the weekend and are miffed when you point out that Sunday is usually busy?

Anonymous said...

The baptism/wedding family who can't understand why you aren't free to do their service at 10am on Easter Sunday?

SoupD said...

The complaints that 'we never know whats going on' from the same people who admit to never actually reading the notice board.

Howard said...

Having heard how one of those in our patch apparently slags both me and the church off I am always entertained by the cheery greeting and best mates welcome I get when I encounter them in the street. How nice it would be to have an offering bag full of pennies sometimes.