Tuesday, 12 February 2013

(perhaps) Clergy ARE a bit bumbly - Part two

Wonderful story emailed in to me - which I will share here.

"My training incumbent was one of those people who thought they were a legend in their own lunchtime. Everything that did was perfect and everything they said was without need of correction. Wee that's what they thought anyway.

One day they had volunteered to do something for one of the diocesan training events and were going to speak on one of their many pet subjects, this one being that of 'all-member ministry'. Accordingly they set off for a church at the other end of the diocese where they would be sharing the platform with diocesan staff and the bishop. This was the beginning of something really big as it meant a major stage and the right people seeing them.

They had been working on their piece for ages and had powerpoint, handouts and an all-sing, all-dancing question and answers session. This was for them their night on 'The Diocese Has Talent' and were at last about to be discovered as the talent that they were.

So off they went and about half way into the journey realised they had forgotten their laptop and so they returned for it and sped off for a second time. Arriving at the place they couldn't find a parking spot near and so, having finally managed to park, rushed into the church building and took a seat. They were a little surprised to see no screen or projector but undaunted by this they sat and waited for the start of the thing. After about fifteen minutes someone appeared and ask them to introduce themselves and looking at my incumbent, invited them to start by introducing themselves, which they did. The next person stood up and introduced themselves and to a round of applause announced that they hadn't had a drink for two weeks.

Only then did they realise that they'd joined the local alcohol and drug user's support group - the meeting they wanted was in the parish hall behind the church!

Mind you they did make an impression because by the time they'd managed to explain their error and slip out they were some thirty minutes late :-)"

Thanks for this - I know a few who have arrived at the wrong place - will have to tell you a few Elim Pastor's stories later!


Anonymous said...

A much safer than the version I sent.


UKViewer said...

If we are on the subject of bumbling Clergy, what about bumbling laity?

The one who was sent to represent the Parish at a Deanery Finance meeting and attended completely the wrong church and location .....

No names and no pack drill, but I'm still living it down :(