Friday, 22 February 2013

Made me laugh: Evangelism - who's most fanatical?

 The answer to the question was never in doubt. After all, who wants to live on the dark side . . . . of technology?

A friend once told me, 'Faith is for those who don't do science or technology,' but of course they were very wrong. The had no faith and didn't use Apple so I guess they were damned on two counts ;-)

And there was no Apple to blame for sin coming into the world, it was the pear (sic!) on the ground what caused it!

Jesus also said that He was the only gate - so makes sense that we avoids any other Gates and as the devil makes work for idle hands - God obviously wants us to be taken up with Jobs (products).

And I have to say that those who think the Garden of Eden was in Malaysia are obviously mistaken for it it was then Adam and Eve would have eaten the snake, not the apple!

Happy Friday ;-)

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