Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How far we've come since Hitler

I find it so sad to see so many people live in a world where revenge rather than justice is the goal.

To find so many people who know their rights and, strangely, ignore their wrongs!

Where my rights trump yours and the views of those who dislike what we like - those who choose not to choose what we do - those who have the audacity to reject what we embrace - their views are merely tossed to the ground.

And those who embraced what we didn't embrace are vilified and spoken against and labelled.

A world where the views of the many outweigh the views of the few and the needs of the poor, the sight of war, the visions of need, are ignored as we merely change channel to see . . .

Britain's got  . . . EVERYTHING!

Except, of course, the poor - the homeless - the broken - the beaten and dispossessed.

That's what so many think is the truth - And our politicians, they help us with this: After all, who wants to live next door to a Rumanian (other than another Rumanian perhaps?)

Why do we let these people in? The politicians I mean, not the Rumanians!

meanwhile - back at the hustings they tell us how it's about time that we closed our borders - issued orders - locked up the foreigners - beat up the Jews - disposed the 'phobics' and run this country for 'us' (whoever 'us' might be) and made things work in favour of the nationals not the foreigners!

After all - 'the struggle for domination will be fought entirely between us and foreigners - all else is facade and illusion.' (well that's what Hitler said on the way to coming to power).

How our society has come on since then!

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