Monday, 2 June 2014

Church: Custody rather than visits

I happened across this today and it struck a nerve that had been exposed by a conversation yesterday:

After the niggle came the rationalisation and as I started to think of those I know who gain (or are parted from) their children for short periods of time and the associated pain of loss at the knowledge that the joy will be just a brief moment before the child is gone and putting God into the parent's place.

So where were you this weekend?

ps. I don't think you HAVE to be in church all the time but I do think being at family gatherings is part of being family - this was brought home as our family (biological, extended and eternal) came together for a celebration this weekend. Being at a celebration is what families do.

If church isn't a celebration then make it one - I'm sure the dogcollar will moan at first but . . .

Happy Monday - see you all next Sunday :-)

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Soup D said...

Growing up, my whoel family (which was ratehr large) would congregate each Sunday at my grand-mother's house for afternoon tea. The children would play while the adults talked.
Sitting through the service yesterday, the thought struck me that, so often church services are more of a performance, with everyone having their cues and all the parts carefully orchestrated; whereas what we are actually doing is coming together for a family gathering. Our family get-togethers are not structured and formal, but we come together in one place to share stories, jokes and just enjoy each other's company. Yesterday, we shared banter and laughter during our time together in our Father's house. some things did not go to plan, but so what? We weren't there to entertain and impress one another, but just to be family in the presence of our loving Parent.