Friday, 13 June 2014

Caption Contest - World Cup!

Well here we are - it's World Cup fever and as some of the footballing fraternity sit back to count the money they've made from backhanders and other's conspire to make the Mafia look like a mutual and friendly society the rest of the world are reflecting on the game and wondering who will win the prizes for best dive, worst foul, dodgiest referee, flukiest goal and most pints drunk (fans contest running on a per game and throughout the whole competition basis). So here's the start of a World Cup caption contest and an opportunity to nominate players (and fans) for the above categories.

And here's a couple of images to whet the whistle:

Photo 1

Photo 2
Over to you


Anonymous said...

Photo One
'I've told him it only works with Emus Ref!'

Colin T said...

Scolari thinks that's a penalty!

I reckon we're in for an extremely dodgy world cup if the first game is anything to go by.

'Right said Fred, need to cheat a goal here'