Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Author! Author!

I was talking with someone who writes articles, scripts and news clips when, foolishly, they said, 'Oh it's OK for you, you're a Vicar. You don't know the pressure of having to produce copy, scripts and the like to a deadline!'

Just a little taken aback at that statement I had to make the point that they were extremely wide of the mark in their stated viewpoint for many reasons:

The first being that we research the topic before us and then set about writing a script for the sermon, or eulogy, the whole service, training material or whatever the task is.

This done this the written material is then delivered to the cast (otherwise know as the ministry team) for them to read and perhaps return with revisions.

Then, having written the staff we often have to deliver the main talking part (the sermon) too - so we are the 'talent' too!

Of course what makes it even more fun is the fact that those who attend the performance (the event formerly known as the service) are always apparently amazed that the whole service 'came together' as if by magic (in the same way that nature is intelligent and works in a sentient manner - knowing when to push up the flowers without a Creator).

So there we are in a place where (we hope, sweat and pray) the sermon works with the readings and the songs fit the theme and the sermon and the prayers which all reflect the Bible bits and the songs and the liturgical season and the . . . The list is exhaustive.

Writing copy or a script is simple, after all, I've been led to believe that given a sufficient number of monkeys (with the correct typewriter - and it has to be a typewriter!) something Shakespearian would eventually appear then surely everything else is a breeze - or at least merely a matter of timescale!

After all, you don't have to stand up in front of the punter and read it to them* - So the question is this: 'Do you want to stay in the ring or is that a towel I see flying in over your head?'

* A quick (personal) plea. If you write sermons, please don't read them to me and call it 'preaching' - give everyone a copy of the script and a tea, coffee or perhaps something stronger and let them read it themselves!


UKViewer said...

I'm surprised that they didn't use the 'only work one day a week' as well.

Having shared with many Clergy and Laity who struggle with sermon writing via social media - I don't underestimate the amount of time, effort, research, reflection and sounding out that goes on. I'd be a fool to do so, having committed myself to 3 years LLM training - where I will be joining the club from year one :(

Rita Skeeter said...

I write for a newspaper and I'd rather have my life than yours - at least there's not a picture of me available for the casual seeker of retribution or revenge.

Good article - thanks!