Wednesday, 20 May 2015

So what's it like being a Vicar? (Third Service: Evensong)

So it's Sunday and it's 6.00pm and it's time for another service to entrain the troops and keep the clergy from becoming bored. This time, although we have sung Eucharists and communion services and the like to pick from, we're going to be doing a BCP (Book of Common Prayer) Evensong -  a service that hearkens back to 1662 and so contains Thee's and Thou's and the like.

This is a wonderful service with the choir singing an anthem and the person leading it entering into the wonderful world of 'versicle and responses' which means that I have to sing a line and the choir respond. It's great fun with a bit of added edge as it not only has to be in tune but I also have the responsibility of keeping the timing and everything straight so the choir don't end up singing the right stuff in the wrong way.

We have four hymns and the two readings, which are most definitely not the same readings as the other services, and a short sermon or homily (under ten minutes) on the text before you. I think mine was about seven minutes for this service and so - everything done and dusted - we were finished around forty-five minutes after we'd kicked off.

The homily can be heard HERE
And for those who don't know evensong here's the order of service (complete with versicles and responses):

Click here for order of service

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