Friday, 1 May 2015

Tamworth: King's Ditch - A proper pub!

Fed up with those pubs and clubs where the background music drowns out all and any conversation?

Like proper beer and cider served well and garnished with great company?

Then salvation is at hand (and being a dogcollar I know salvation) in the shape of:

51 Lower Gungate, Tamworth

(and there are many more like it across the land - they might have different names but they serve real ale).

This little place of relaxation and good company is a haven for those who like to go and have conversations and meet new and often (extremely) interesting folk and they even do 'take away' cartons of your favourite drink too!

Here's the inside (it was closed, it's not normally empty):

Closed on a Monday but the rest of the week it is open and ready and able to serve some great drinks from a variety of microbreweries.

Give it a try - and of you're not fortunate to live in Tamworth (and we can't all be, can we?)) then take a look HERE and find something like it where you are.

Visit HERE for the pub's own web presence.

And you can find (and like them once you've been of course) on Facebook

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