Friday, 8 May 2015

The General Election: tears or cheers ...

Just taken a step back and have been thinking, and praying, for all who lost their seat in parliament today as the results of this stunning 'the people have spoken' moment starts to settle down in my brain.

It is a day which will result in cheers for some, ambivalence for others, and will bring a great deal of sadness to many besides. So, as Clegg, Miliband and Farage bow out of leading their parties and British politics enters a new, and interesting, phase please spare a moment to think of all:

All who have lost their seats

The three leaders who are now stepping down

The families, the researchers, secretarial, and other staff who might find their lives, their jobs and their livelihood, greatly affected by today's results.

Behind every rosette stand many more people than just a candidate.

And we need to pay tribute to all who stand, even the rampant lunatics, because this is one of the joys of democracy - people have the freedom to stand, to put their views and have the people decide.

It's something we need to treasure and take pride in.

Please pray for our government that it might act with humility and have justice and mercy evident in its dealings.


The people have spoken

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