Monday, 28 March 2016

Lahore - News, attitudes, actions and prayer

There I was, thinking the Lahore would be big news on the BBC News front page, but sadly not:

Mind you I should be grateful that it makes the smaller items on the bottom right, up there with the FA Cup means something I guess.

But once again it's Brussels that claims the headlines (perspective here being that although Lahore has 70 dead, the 35 who died in Belgium are nearer, and since one of the dead was British, this becomes bigger, more popularist, news!).

Seems that we are getting as parochial with our news as the Americans: They tend to look out to the East from New York and see the twinklng lights of California! Iinternational news is discussing things in the Northwest of the country!). Living, as we do, in this global village of ours we need to report and respond to awfulness in the same way whether it occurs in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Antipodes or theIndian sub-continent or anywhere.

We need to stand in prayer and disgust against wickedness wheresoever it is to be found - our response should be a robust 'No' and 'Never Again' should be the byword for genocide and acts of terror wherever they occur no matter who the target is.

I turned on the radio and found people ringing in to talk about the Muslim involvement in Lahore. Sadly, whilst it is easy to point to the acts of terrorists and to stir up dissent against Muslims, it seems that none of those I heard managed to mention the 'real' involvement of the majority* of Muslims in Lahore. Perhaps you'd like to read it now:

Radicalisation begins with ignorance and is fuelled by intolerance.

Please pray for the victims of the Lahore attrocity and their families and for all inhabitants of that place:

* Here 'majority' means more than the smaller number who committed the attrocity in question.
Simple really - I'm sure there is no further explanation needed.


Anonymous said...

It was the Buddhists, was it, Vic?

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Oh dear, we need to have a people group to point the finger at rather than individuals (solo or in unison with others) do we?

Do I need to explain the point I'm making?

Nah - don't think so - that would be pandering to mischief-makes of a different sort, wouldn't it?