Friday, 18 March 2016

When Good Friday turns bad - Christians hijacking Easter (again)!

So many Christians talk about the lack of support from Councils and Newspapers. Here in Tamworth we are fortunate to have an extremely supportive presence in Tamworth Borough Council and the Tamworth Herald. Please pray for the Christians of Bedworth as they struggle this Easter (and a thumbs up to the newspaper for making the situation known):
A small footnote to this - (0) Comments?

Surely not? Oh yeah. I forgot - we're meek and mild aren't we?

A couple of years back, as we made our way into the town centre for a Good Friday 'Act of Witness' - a woman looked pointedly at me and said, "**!!** Christians, you even have to hijack Easter!"

So I stopped and engaged her and explained what Good Friday was about and how, in fact, Easter had been hijacked by the consumerist, chocolate and fluffy-chick selling, world. Turned out she had never been taught that.

Where had the Church been for the previous twenty-something years to let that happen I wonder?

Please remember that one side sounds great until you know all the facts - so I'm off to check them :-)

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