Friday, 30 July 2010

Words are cheap . . .

Unless they're in a blog which is part of The Times newspaper that is!

Sadly I've found that Ruth Gledhill's 'Articles of Faith' has, after a quick teaser, gone behind the wire and now requires that one pays for the privilege.

Here's the note she left me:

"This will be the last post at the blog at Typepad. Articles of Faith is the first of The Times blogs to go permanently behind the paywall and onto a different platform."

Having been a fan of the Thunderer for many years I now find myself having to make some (hard) choices in that electronically, and with regard to paper and ink, I have to announce our divorce.

A reality that ends over forty years of relationship.

As the retiring archivist said at her leaving do in the early eighties, "Bye and thanks for all the fiche!"

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Peter O said...

It's a sad, sad loss to the blogosphere?