Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Funerals - things I never knew

The average cost of a funeral is now £7,250 and this is due, apparently to two factors:

1. The number of deaths going down, and

2. The rising cost of fuel.

The average rate of inflation is 4.4% whilst the average rate of inflation for funerals is 6.4%

You can cut the cost of an interment by burying your loved one in your own garden!


This will reduce the value of your home by around 25%

So says research commissioned by Sun Life who are undoubtedly seeking to get us to buy their insurance to cover the funeral fees.

So now you have something you can slip into your office, home or other place conversations today!

It was comforting to know Nan and Grandad were still in their garden!


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RevTrev said...

And there was always somewhere to park the bicycles?