Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Madeleine McCann's image on holiday site!

I'm stunned to find that a holiday company has used an image of Madeleine McCann to advertise holidays in Portugal but that's what vouchergigg.co.uk has done! The advert for lowcostholidays.com had, according to their COO Lawrence Hunt, "Nothing to do with them."

Let's hope they find a way of stopping the advert and deal with the vouchergigg side of things too. It might well be some bizarre coincidence (I hope so) but if not then there's something seriously wrong with them and they need to be dealt with most severely.

Please pray for the McCann's


1 comment:

Ray Barnes said...

Unbelievable! What a totally disgusting and depraved way to try to rake in cash.

Is there an advertising standards organisation who could take action?