Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Murdoch - Who's telling the truth?

So regarding the 'not fit' report from the commons' culture committee who is telling the truth?

Is is Louise Mensch who claims that the 'not fit' clause/finding was never tabled or discussed


Is it Paul Farrelly who resolutely claims that it was tabled for discussion before Easter and was indeed discussed?

A knife in the back job from one group or toadying from the other (I'll ignore the Lib dem's as that's what most will do tomorrow at the polls I suspect ;-) ).

I've asked Nick Robinson (and will also ask try to ask Robert Peston) as they are two of our family's favourite broadcasters.

Wait out!


Anonymous said...

Just read this and have the say the answer is quite likely to be "None of them"

Hope you get an answer to your question

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Thanks for the observation :-)

I have written to the relevant MPs asking them where I might find the evidence to support, or deny, the claims made in the hope they will point me to the right place to find the truth.

I am amazed that this is already yesterday's news when there is something rather important at stake here (i.e. the integrity of the committee and the lower house).

Hey ho!