Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Atheists with nothing to say?


One of those amazingly funny cartoons that make you chuckle!

Just had to share it:

If only life were to imitate art :-)


David Fusco said...

oh dear, you really don't like atheists do you....we have plenty to say, we just don't need clergy to tell us what to think before we say it.

So why is it you find us a threat?

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

How odd it is that you should think I find atheists to be a threat, but if you'd like to think that I'm happy to leave you with your beliefs.

Some of my atheist friends thought the cartoon was great and many of them are bright people (which must make them right).

As for the clergy bit, I'm happy to leave those who wish to follow (and of course listen) to their atheist clergy to do so - always good to know someone is preaching to the converted isn't it?

Thanks for the engagement - always good to hear what others think and dialogue.