Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Finding encouragement in numbers!

One of the biggest problems I encounter in the Missioner role is that of numbers, for people are always trying to peg you down to ASA (Average Sunday Attendance), USA (Usual Sunday Attendance) and other 'performance indicators'.

As we have completed the process of getting a new electoral roll sorted I wondered what it showed and whether there was anything to be gleaned from the numbers, and amazingly it seems that there are in that:

Two thirds of those on the electoral roll are resident in the church district (and 87% live within the parish);

Eighty-four percent (84%) of those one the electoral roll live less than 1km from the church building and some two thirds live within 500m of the church building.

One of the desired outcomes was that the church becomes engaged and effective in the community and functions as a community church - I have to say that tonight I am rather encouraged to see that this is becoming the case.

Not a big church but a big heart and an active and engaged church family - a privilege to work with and be part of it :-)

Nice to find numbers that can make one smile!

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